It’s official.
Nice Corporation is now B Corp certified.

As of April 2023, Nice Corporation is part of a global business community that meets high social and environmental impact standards across five key areas: Governance, Environment, Workers, Community, and Customers. This is just the beginning for us. We’re committed to continuously updating our business and exploring ways to be a force for good toward the environment and society.

What is B Corp™?

B Corp™ is a certification standard developed by the US-based NPO B Lab™. B Lab™ verifies companies that contribute to the public good that meet over 200 strict standards (B Impact Assessment). B Corp™ is unique in that it evaluates the company as a whole rather than focusing on a single product or social or environmental issue. The assessment examines whether the company is transparent and accountable to its shareholders and all stakeholders. The certification process and maintenance are rigorous and require involvement at every level of management and a commitment to sustaining business best practices. B Corp™ certified companies are at the forefront of a global shift toward a circular economy that is inclusive and equitable to all people. Over 6,300 companies across 159 industries and 89 countries are B Corp™ certified.

  • A “Community” Member

    B Corps are a global community of companies that meet high social and environmental care standards with an interest in movements with cultural and social elements.

  • The Nature of B Corp “Certification”

    The certification does not focus on a single product, but on the organization as a whole, at particular points of the company’s journey.

  • An “Opportunity” to Grow

    This certification is an opportunity to positively impact employees, suppliers, and customers and catalyze a change within the industry and society.

  • A “Commitment” to Our Customers

    B Corps aim to balance profitability with a deep respect for society, the environment, and all individuals, cherishing the local culture, and working towards improving the future society."

  • This Is The “Beginning”

    The certification marks the beginning of our journey towards the continued improvement of our environmental and social impact.

Our B Corp Story

When we imagine our company 30 years from now, we not only see ourselves improving the overall value of the garment sewing industry but also passing on our techniques to the younger generation. B Corp evaluates a company holistically; a company is approved by meeting standards such as exhibiting transparency and demonstrating high social and environmental performance. We believe in the value of a compassionate, inclusive framework and are committed to being a factory that interacts with its employees, the greater community, and the natural environment with such a perspective. We also aim to connect with like-minded people both within and beyond Japan to continue updating and exploring a sustainable path for our industry as a whole.

For more on this story, check out the original product brand, NC PRODUCTS’, article.

Our Score and Efforts

We had doubts about the ideal way for factories to function as production sites; we wanted to improve our factories’ social and environmental impact and overall work environment. This process allowed us to discover valuable things about our company that we were unaware of. The B Impact Assessment allowed us to clarify and visualize these elements and, through this, articulate and document our discoveries to share with people both inside and outside our company. We achieved these results through years of sustained effort. Therefore, we recognize that we cannot be satisfied with the current score but continue to take concrete actions while engaging in spirited collaborations within the community and continue to communicate these actions to our stakeholders.

B Impact Assessment
Our verified total score was 95.3 points: 20.6 points for Environment, 32.0 points for Community, 4.2 Points for Customers, 27.0 points for Workers, and 11.3 points for Governance. For more information on our score, click the link below.

Our Efforts

Weigh residuals and waste materials; implement waste reduction targets; convert 100% of the factory’s operating electricity to renewable energy; measurement of scope 1 and 2 carbon dioxide emissions; implement carbon dioxide reduction targets
Actively recruit women and promote them to management positions; maintain and expand business relationships with local suppliers; develop policies that contribute to the local community
Develop internal policies such as customer relations guidelines
Conduct regular internal training and personnel interviews; conduct and improve employee satisfaction surveys; set up opinion boxes; establish a system for feedback in the face of an industrial accident
Sharing financial and profit-and-loss information with employees; monitoring and revising social and environmental indicators at board meetings; holding regular meetings among managers

Our Next Steps

Promote the use of organic fabrics; calculate the amount of carbon dioxide produced per garment; measure Scope 3 carbon dioxide emissions
Volunteer in local communities; share code of conduct guidelines with our suppliers
Collect and analyze customer feedback and incorporate findings into future product planning
Conduct regular on-the-job training and personnel interviews; conduct and improve employee satisfaction surveys; set up suggestion boxes to collect opinions from our employees; establish a system for feedback in the face of an industrial accident
Establish clear job descriptions and job ranking system; clarification of duties, roles, and company organizational chart in line with the expansion of the company's size

(As of April 5th, 2023)

News: Press Release “Nice Corporation becomes the 20th Japanese company to be B Corp certified.”