Act globally
from Kojima, Okayama


Everything runs on trust

Our job is to support brands around the world and deliver the best jeans from Kojima, Okayama. We value all of the relationships of mutual trust between factories, in the workplace, and with customers. We continue to remain a company which possesses both the proficient skills of professional based on the history of the products “made in Kojima” and youthful perspectives of next-generation members.

Community-based One Stop Production

From planning to finishing and shipping, we work as a team, “Community-based One Stop Production” and manage production comprehensively from the beginning to the end. We respond to consultations from a wide range of clients from ready-to-wear to high-end brands and we collaborate closely together with our clients.

Production expanding from denim

We actively apply techniques that we have built on our experience in denim production. We can also sew non-denim materials as well as combinations of different materials, covering both men’s and women’s wear in general.

Becoming a company representing Kojima, the birthplace of Japanese jeans

Kojima is a beautiful land facing the Seto Inland Sea. Naoshima, which is famous for being a part of Art Setouchi, is also nearby. A nostalgic port town, the lushly green Mt. Washu, the Great Seto Bridge that you can see up close and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. That is the scenery of this land which we adore, and we hope not only people involved in jeans production but also many people around the world come and see it.
Kojima, who leads "Okayama Denim" as the birthplace of domestic jeans, was known as a production center for school uniforms before that. As the times changed, fabric consumption changed from cotton to synthetic fibers, and jeans production was found as the next way to go. By fusing aizome, indigo dyeing and kasuri both of which are the traditional techniques of neighboring prefectures, and adding distress effects and vintage effects, have gave added value to our jeans. It has now attracted worldwide attention as high-quality jeans unique to Kojima.
We aim to make products while taking environment into consideration in order to protect the beautiful land. Passing the work and techniques which we have grown together with local associates to the next generation. Then, we will create an international company and vitalize Kojima. That is the future we envision.


In my childhood memory, I saw my grandfather pedaling a sewing machine, which I also saw from his lap. Ever since then, I have always been surrounded by the sound of sewing machines and cutting machines.

After about 30 years, that job has grown into a sewing factory which supports brands not only in Japan but also around the world, and in July 2020, I took over as representative.

In the area called Kojima, we carry out One-stop Production centered on our factory in collaboration with professional factories that have expertise. In addition to denim, I would like to challenge unprecedented fields beyond the boundaries of materials and categories. If you would like to try new initiatives, please come by Nice Corporation.

As I assumed the position of the representative in this chaotic era, I feel that my predecessor, who is also my father has entrusted me with making company of new generation with the youthfulness of a team which can break through the chaos. I have learned the company history of the past 30 years once again, and with company development, human resource development, and community development of the future in mind, all the staff of our group companies will be committed to manufacturing to please customers all over the world.

February 5, 2021

Ikuma Izutsu
Nice Corporation


Company name
Nice Corporation
Ikuma Izutsu
November 1990
Number of employees
28 (as of November 2020)
10 million yen
Clothing production
Monthly production: approximately 8,000 units
Main clients
ANGLOBAL Ltd., COMME DES GARCONS Co., Ltd., Johnbull Co., Ltd., SUMITEX INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Ltd., Onward Luxury Group, etc.


Established Nice Corporation LLC
Changed registration from limited-liability company to stock company
Moved the head office from Kojima Shimono-cho to Kojima Kamino-cho
Moved the head office from Kojima Kamino-cho to Kojima Shimono-cho
Ikuma Izutsu entered the company
Established the company’s own factory in Kojima Shimono-cho
Introduced cutting machine CAD/CAM
Opened Tamagawa Factory in Hagi, Yamaguchi
Made SUBJECT LLC a subsidiary, and Tsuyoshi Yamanobe was its appointed representative
Kazuhiko Izutsu and Ikuma Izutsu assumed the position of chairman and president respectively
Launched of original brand NC PRODUCTS
20th Japanese company to be B Corp certified


Nice Corporation

Okayama Head Office / Factory MAP

2-1593-15 Shimono-cho Kojima
Kurashiki, Okayama
JAPAN 711-0906
Tel +81-86-473-7821

By Train
23 minutes from JR Okayama Station to JR Kojima Station by Seto-Ohashi Line (Takamatsu-bound) Rapid-Service called “Marine Liner” or 38 minutes by Seto-Ohashi Line (Kojima-bound). Then 5 minutes from JR Kojima station by car.
*We will pick you up at Kojima Station.
By Airplane
1 hour and 20 minutes from Haneda Airport to Okayama Airport. Then Approximately 1 hour from Okayama Airport by car.
*We will pick you up at Okayama Airport.

Tamagawa Factory (Yamaguchi) MAP

2032-1 Nakaogawa Oaza
Hagi, Yamaguchi
JAPAN 759-3203
Tel +81-8387-4-0505

Affiliated Companies


2-1585-1 Shimono-cho Kojima
Kurashiki, Okayama
JAPAN 711-0907
Tel +81-86-472-0008

Nissen Factory Co., Ltd.

1-9-11 Kamino-cho Kojima
Kurashiki, Okayama
JAPAN 711-0907
Tel +81-86-472-9776

Patchwork Japan LLC

4-10-1-2 Shimono-cho Kojima
Kurashiki, Okayama
JAPAN 711-0906